The Proven Method for Increased Energy, Reduced Pain and Clearer Skin Without Drugs or Even a Diagnosis

Discover the 6-week program helping women all over the world get their lives back

You have goals to accomplish, family to support, a purpose and mission for your life...but if you're anything like I was, it's starting to feel harder and harder to reach your goals.


Does any of this sound familiar to you?

        • You're tired a lot.

          You sleep at least 8 hours every night, but still wake up tired. Maybe you get a little boost of energy late in the morning. But then it peters off again - sometimes quickly - like you hit a wall. The fatigue just always seems to be there.


        • You feel achy.

          It's getting harder to do everyday tasks, like opening jars or going up stairs. Maybe you've been diagnosed with some sort of arthritis. Or, you can't get comfortable when you're trying to sleep. You might have a hard time "loosening up" in the morning. 


                        • Your digestion is not ideal.

                          Maybe you're experience bloating after meals, constipation, diarrhea, or both! You've been gassy. Or, your digestion is so unpredictable that you're afraid to make morning appointments.

                        • Your skin is driving you crazy.

                          You have rashes, eczema or acne that just won't go away no matter what you try. Or your skin itches for no apparent reason.


                              If this sounds like you, I can relate! And I'm happy to say that I've discovered a solution that not only reversed my symptoms, but made my health better than it had been in YEARS.



                              Autoimmune Reset

                              Online Wellness Protocol

                                  The 6-week program designed from years of research and coaching to help you take control of your symptoms and get your life back.

                                  Autoimmune Reset is for people who want to...


                                  • Feel Energized

                                    Experience restful and restorative sleep leading to an energetic start to the day


                                  • Gain Clarity

                                    Say good-bye to the stress, overwhelm and confusion of where symptoms are coming from and what to do about them


                                  • Feel Like You Again

                                    Experience calm and steady moods, fewer cravings and a healthy weight


                                  • Stop Feeling Controlled by Digestion

                                    No more constantly looking for the nearest restroom or fear of leaving the house


                                  • Fully Participate in Family and Social Life

                                    Play with your kids, go to the party, plan that vacation, say YES



                                    Here's the thing


                                    Autoimmunity doesn't just happen overnight. Usually, there are warning signs that you might be heading in that direction - symptoms like:

                                    • Fatigue
                                    • Skin problems
                                    • Digestive issues
                                    • Chronic pain
                                    • Frequent colds
                                    • Thinning hair

                                    These are all warning signs of autoimmunity - that you may be on the autoimmune spectrum that eventually leads to an autoimmune disease diagnosis.


                                    I'll explain in a moment exactly how to go about reversing course, but first...


                                    Who Am I

                                    & Why Listen To Me?

                                    Hi, I'm Genevieve White, and I know what it's like to feel like your life has been taken over by symptoms you just can't get a handle on.


                                    10 years ago, my life came to an abrupt halt. I had a long list of symptoms that seemed completely unrelated and had my primary care physician sending me to a variety of specialists...


                                    The cardiologist for heart palpitations and shortness of breath. "It's just anxiety," they said. "Take Xanax."


                                    Multiple gastroenterologists for bloating, abdominal pain, constipation and diarrhea. "You have Irritable Bowel Syndrome," I was told. "Take fiber and probiotics, but expect your symptoms to stay with you for the rest of your life."


                                    Auditory specialists for the ringing and pain in my ears, and vertigo. "You have Meneire's Disease. Your symptoms will continue to get worse, and you may experience hearing loss."


                                    Neurologists for numbing and tingling. "Nothing's wrong with you. It's all in your head. Take Valium."


                                    On and on it went. I would get a new symptom, and get sent to a new specialist, who would basically shrug and tell me nothing's wrong.


                                    It was a nightmare.


                                    But, the low point was when I realized my kids were afraid of me. My mood swings had gotten so bad that they looked at me like I was a stranger they couldn't trust.


                                    That's when I said, "That's enough. I will solve this on my own if I have to."


                                    I Had Been Looking at the Situation All Wrong


                                    Once I made the decision to take charge of my health, I started reading everything I could find, attending health conferences, and seeking out all types of practitioners.


                                    I finally realized that our bodies are not made up of a bunch of unrelated parts. Our bodies are a complete system. So, going to one doctor for one part and another for another part just didn't make sense.


                                    I finally figured out I needed to stop looking at each symptom individually, stop worrying about getting a diagnosis, and start focusing on what choices I'm making in my life that might be affecting my health.


                                    I realized I was in control.


                                    From that point on, my healing became about the choices I made and not about waiting for the next lab result, the next doctor, the next treatment to hopefully be the one that heals me.


                                    I eventually learned that even though I was eating what most people thought of as a healthy diet, it wasn't healthy for me.


                                    I started making changes to what I eat, how I move, when I sleep, how I rest, what I put on my skin, and my relationships. I completely changed my approach, and after spending tens of thousands of dollars, hours and hours of my time, YEARS OF MY LIFE chasing the answer, I started to see results.


                                    • The ringing in my ears and the vertigo stopped.

                                    • The fear and unpredictability around my digestion calmed.

                                    • The fatigue that would literally knock me out stopped and I was able to get back to life again.

                                    • The slow assisted walks around the block evolved into several-mile hikes I was able to do on my own. 

                                    I realized that I had discovered a simple magic that I needed to share.

                                    I quit a secure job in corporate marketing, went back to school for a coaching certification, and started sharing what I had learned with the world.


                                    And now I'd like you to join me in taking charge of health by joining Autoimmune Reset.


                                    Here's how this complete step-by-step program works:


                                    We start with what I call an Autoimmune Paleo Elimination Diet. That might sound like a lot, but don't worry - we'll ease into it. And, for some people, all you'll need to remove from your diet are just a few key foods. The good news is it isn't permanent. This is how we determine the perfect way of eating for your body.


                                    Here's exactly what the process looks like:



                                    • INTRO WEEK

                                      Prep week

                                      Learn the skills for getting yourself set up success throughout the program and in the years to follow.

                                    • WEEK 1

                                      Removing gluten, dairy and sugar

                                      Sound tough? Not when you have all the recipes, meal plans, and shopping lists needed to keep your belly full and happy!

                                    • WEEK 2

                                      Rest, digest and de-stress

                                      Stress is deeply connected to overall health. As we continue on the diet, you'll learn tips for better digestion and a healthier response to stress.

                                    • WEEK 3

                                      Sound sleep & impactful mornings

                                      You'll likely already be sleeping better and have more morning energy by this week, and I'm going to provide you with tools to keep the momentum going.

                                    • WEEK 4

                                      Your individual eating plan

                                      Evaluate your symptoms to decide which path to take from here. This is when you get to start doing the detective work to determine your ultimate way of eating!

                                    • WEEK 5

                                      Tame the toxins

                                      Did you know that the air in your home is on average 5-7x more polluted than the air outside? The things you clean with and what you put on your body make a huge impact on your health. This week is going to blow your mind!

                                    • WEEK 6

                                      Preparing to reintroduce your favorite foods

                                      Prepare for the reintroduction phase of the diet - where you receive the tools you'll need to determine what is your best diet. And when you get to eat some of your favorite foods again!


                                    Imagine having the tools you need to move forward with confidence, participating more fully in life again, freely playing with your children and grandchildren in just 6 short weeks!


                                    WITH AUTOIMMUNE RESET YOU GET:  

                                    • A Complete Dietary Plan - Take the guesswork out of cooking and eating with over 150 recipes and every meal for every day laid out in a simple-to-follow plan. 

                                    • Weekly Shopping Lists - No need to take the time to go through recipes and write down everything you need before going to the store. The work has been done for you. Just print and go!

                                    • Symptom Tracker -  Complete a super easy-to-use questionnaire at various points throughout the program to know exactly what is and isn't working for you.

                                    • Stress Reduction Techniques - Explore breathing exercises, de-cluttering tips, and 60 other methods for reducing stress. 

                                    • Sleep Sanctuary Guide - Reset your circadian rhythm and set yourself up for restorative sleep by creating your sleep sanctuary.

                                    • Home Detox Resources - Get into the nitty gritty of household toxins, where they're lurking and what to do about it (including instructions for researching the best products, making your own, or just pressing the easy button and following instructions for exactly what to use). 


                                    Try Autoimmune Reset Today & You'll Also Receive 1:1 support from me

                                    For a limited time, I am offering email support direct from me to you. If you jump on this opportunity right now, you will be able to email me directly any time day or night and I will respond within 2 working days (Monday-Friday). 


                                    This is not me sending you pre-written emails throughout the course that go to you and everyone else.


                                    This is not you emailing a general box where a member of my team responds to your email on my behalf.


                                    This is you and me. Email me as much as you want during the 6 -week program and I will get back to you as soon as I can. Every time.


                                    As is likely obvious, I can only offer this service to a limited number of people and I expect my quota to fill very fast. So, I'm keeping the window open for just 24 hours.




                                    Read what just a few clients and students have said about working with me.

                                    The recipes, health and environmental information were very helpful. I found the course helped me feel better and I learned some great recipes. Thank you for getting me to try some foods prepared in different ways and finding some relief. I have had no stomach upsets and my energy level has been high most of the time!


                                    Welches, OR

                                    The biggest tangible changes I have noticed are more consistent energy, mood, libido and better digestion. I have an increased patience and gentleness with myself as I move through the healing process. I would recommend Genevieve to anyone on a healing journey who is struggling to balance the different aspects of life.


                                    Orleans, CA

                                    It is apparent Genevieve wants to get to know you – opposed to just putting another person through the program. I recommend her to friends, family or anyone looking for a boost in a different direction. Thank you SO MUCH for your time and positive energy. I continue to feel better every day and want you to know you have been a big part of my success.


                                    Portland, OR

                                    I have had a lot eczema outbreaks. Genevieve has worked with me to improve my skin through making changes to my diet and also my skin care products.  Another thing about working with Genevieve are all the resources she offers.  She has introduced me to great websites to help me research skin products, home cleaning products, etc.  Genevieve is amazing to work with!


                                    Portland, OR

                                    Because this is the first time Autoimmune Reset has been available as an online course and I want as many people seeing their symptoms reverse as possible, I'm offering it to you for only $197. 


                                    When I work with clients 1:1, this program sells for $1,997, but you will receive the same information in this self-directed online program for $1,800 less! AND if you purchase within the next 24 hours, you will receive the special bonus of direct access to me.



                                    Simple Diet and Lifestyle Adjustments Can Profoundly Change The

                                    Quality Of Your Life.


                                    What have your symptoms been keeping you from? Many of my clients and students report:

                                    • Having the stamina to get through a demanding work day and still spend quality time with their children at the end of the day.
                                    • Finally feeling like they can take that vacation they've been dreaming of.
                                    • Having the energy and confidence to say "yes" to social outings.
                                    • Being active again (joining a sports team, going on hikes, getting back on the bike)
                                    • Feeling more confident in the kitchen, making healthy delicious meals in a snap!



                                    What are your symptoms costing you? I personally spent tens of thousands of dollars chasing a diagnosis, and if I hadn't discovered the truth about the power I have over my health just by the choices I make every day, I'm sure it would be costing me more and more every year.


                                    This program was created for people who aren't getting what they need from their doctors by someone who's "been there, done that," did everything I was told, failed, struggled, and eventually succeeded.



                                    I want to save you years of heartache. You don't have to go through what I went through.


                                    I'm going to be straight with you. Some people will need more than this program. Some people will have an underlying imbalance or condition that will need to be addressed beyond this program. But, not everyone. And the beauty of this program is that even if you do need to go deeper into discovering the root of your symptoms, chances are you will get just far enough to have the energy and the confidence to keep going.



                                    If you're one of those people, Autoimmune Reset will do what I call "clearing the symptom fog." In other words, if you have a long list of symptoms, several of those symptoms will greatly improve, making it much more clear what remains to be addressed.



                                    I'm in no way saying to fire your doctor. But, what if you could simplify your health journey just by changing what you eat? What if you could reduce your symptoms from 10 to 2? What if you could shock your doctor, like thousands of others have, by saying, "It turns out I don't have to live with these symptoms for the rest of my life. And, in fact, I've stopped them."


                                    And you can accomplish this while eating plenty of delicious food!







                                    Look, I personally know what it's like to feel overwhelmed, that you just want your life back, to be you again.



                                    That’s why I created this program: so you can feel supported, overcome your pain and fatigue, get a solid plan that will take you from frustrated to hopeful in just 6 weeks.



                                    But, I do understand that making this kind of life-changing decision is a big deal.

                                    I want you to feel totally at ease when making the decision to join Autoimmune Reset. That's why the program is backed by a 100% guarantee. Here's how it works: If you decide within 30 days after purchase (that's well over halfway into the program) that this program is not for you, just reach out to us and you will get 100% of your investment back. It's that simple.





                                    OTHER PROGRAMS

                                    • Require further purchases

                                      After you sign up, you learn there's a requirement for supplements, shakes, books.

                                    • Expensive

                                      Some programs charge up to several thousands of dollars.

                                    • Address one symptom

                                      Separate specialists for separate symptoms.

                                    • Band-aid approach

                                      Temporary fixes don't resolve the root cause.

                                    • No guarantee

                                      Spending more money on your health often feels risky.

                                    AUTOIMMUNE RESET

                                    • No additional purchase

                                      This is the full program. What you see is what you get.

                                    • Affordable

                                      One-time low payment provides lifetime access to the program.

                                    • Address the whole person

                                      I see you as a whole person. You should too.

                                    • Wholistic approach

                                      Learn the skills for lifelong healing.

                                    • Money-back guarantee

                                      30-day no questions asked guarantee means no risk!

                                    AND if you sign up now, you'll have 1:1 access to me - very rare in an online course!


                                    I’d love for you to sign up now and get lifetime access to Autoimmune Reset




                                    participating more fully in life again, freely playing with your children and grandchildren, getting through the day without feeling wiped out!


                                    Now imagine this happening every single day.


                                    This can and will happen for you…


                                    So don’t wait for another opportunity to shape your future. This is your chance!


                                    One thing that I learned on my journey is to NEVER GIVE UP on my health. And when I find someone that can help me get closer to the life I want say YES!



                                    Frequently asked questions

                                    Here are a few answers to our most common questions

                                    What if I don't have an autoimmune disease?

                                    Am I going to go hungry on this plan?

                                    Will this work for vegetarians?

                                    How much of a time commitment is this program?

                                    Are there beginning and end dates to this program?

                                    What happens after I order?

                                    What if I don't like the program?

                                    Will I have access to course materials once the 6 weeks are over?

                                    Get Autoimmune Reset now for just


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                                    30 DAYS

                                    Money Back Guarantee

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